What is the etymology of the word “hangover”?

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Английское слово hangover (похмелье) образовано от hang over (нависать), и ведёт начало от так называемой “верёвочной кровати” в ночлежках для бездомных. Крепкий здоровый сон на верёвке обходился в 2 пенса:

Two penny hangover

The Salvation Army operated homeless shelters. These shelters charged the clients different amounts depending on the amenities offered.

At the low end was a penny sit-up, where a homeless client could get food and shelter from the cold in exchange for a penny. He was allowed to sit on a bench all night, but was not allowed to sleep.

For an additional penny, there was the two penny hangover. It was like a penny sit-up except that a rope was placed in front of the bench. The client was allowed to sleep when he leaned on (or hung over) the rope during the night. He was not allowed to lie down flat on his back and sleep.


За один пенни можно было просто прийти посидеть на скамейке в тёплом помещении (Penny sit-up), но спать при этом не разрешалось:

Penny sit-ups

What made this shelter unique was that in exchange for a penny, clients would be allowed to sit on a bench in a reasonably warm room all night long. Moreover, they were not allowed to lie down and sleep on the bench. A penny sit-up was the cheapest homeless shelter at that time.


“Полноценное” же спальное место здесь стоило 4 пенни и представляло из себя продолговатый деревянный ящик (coffin):

Four penny coffins

For four pennies, a homeless client could stay at a coffin house. He received food and shelter. Moreover, he was allowed to lie down flat on his back and sleep in a coffin shaped wooden box. The client was given a tarpaulin for covering. What made this unique is that it was the cheapest homeless shelter in London at that time that allowed its clients to lie down on their back and sleep.


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